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Born in Arizona, Forged in New York


In short, I am a man with a camera and a vision, trying to share a world within a world. My passion for storytelling in the forms of photo, video, and journalism has allowed me to appreciate this world through a new lens. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and after high school, I moved to New York City to study Digital Media and Technology at Fordham University. I now crave the hunt for stories unfolding in the most extreme environments and situations. Wearing multiple hats of production in run-and-gun environments has me ripe for the adventure of chasing stories into far corners of the world. I hope that you enjoy following my adventures and ambitions as I attempt to capture life's most precious moments. For when you live life without capturing it, there's not much to see . . .

A 21st Century Digital Storyteller Dedicated to Capturing Moments and Creating Stories Fit For The Modern World

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